Session Information

What to know to make you session fun and easy

Where We Shoot

I have an in-home studio, that is also mobile, so studio shots can be done in your home as well. I also love to shoot on location. I am constantly seeking out earthy backgrounds, urban settings and everything in between for future photo shoots. If you have a place in mind I’d love to hear about it as well. During your consultation, either in person or on the phone, we’ll discuss your session location to make sure it’s the perfect fit for your personal style.

girl with a parasol | Snohomish Photography

Props and Extras

Session props can really make a session pop. I have some props to choose from, including furniture, a ‘lemonade stand’, accessories, background details and beyond. With that said, I am very open to using your props too. In fact, I love that idea! Incorporating elements you bring helps personalize the photographs. We can discuss these extras and props in your consultation and in the days leading up to your session.


The process

Depending on the package you choose, we’ll shoot for up to 2 hours on location. This includes the time it takes to set up any equipment, change outfits, and move from one location to another. I’ll take lots of photographs over the course of those

hours, some of which will become forever favorites proudly displayed in your home. After the session, I’ll go through all the photos taken that day and choose the best ones to edit and perfect. This turnaround time typically takes two weeks.

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