Newborn Sessions

During your baby’s first weeks of life, you and your family are no doubt going to go through some amazing adjustments. This is the most unbelievable time to have your baby photographed.


Many people look for having their newborn photographed sans-diaper with artistic poses, and even props and hats. During a studio session I will be able to capture all the time details of your newborn like the tiny toes, wrinkled back, blistered lips, and even flaking skin. With a studio session you have the opportunity to use larger props and spend more time getting cute poses of the baby curled up in ways only newborns can.

These sessions last about 2 hours. A studio session also offers more options for time of day to have the session because we can utilize natural light or studio lighting equipment. Studio sessions can be done in your home as well. Studio photography makes for artistic and beautiful images of your baby that you will cherish for years.



Lifestyle photography is a more candid, natural approach to photographing your family and newborn. I capture lots of snuggles, baby detail shots, and as much family joy as possible. Many moms also request some breastfeeding shots. One of the beautiful things about lifestyle is that it’s completely unique to you and your family. Lifestyle newborn sessions take place in various spots in your own home, including the nursery or bedroom and living areas. There is little posing by me, just gentle guidance and direction. These sessions last 1-2 hours. Lifestyle photography produces simple and authentic images that tell the story of welcoming your baby home.

Newborn Frequently Asked Questions

When should I schedule my newborn sessions?

It is best to schedule a newborn session while you are still pregnant. I will pencil you in for about a week after your due date. I know babies come when they want, so once you deliver, call and we will get you officially on the calendar.

Why is it important to do newborn photos within the first two weeks?

Newborns change so fast. You don’t want to miss the fresh new baby look. Newborns within the first weeks of life are also typically more sleepy and movable than they are at older weeks. They are more tolerant of being posed in curled up ‘womb’ positions and staying sleepy during the session. While I do photograph babies older than 2 weeks, they are harder to get to relax and sleep and are less comfortable in props. If you can’t get in a session within the first couple weeks, consider a lifestyle session that relies less on posed sleepy  babies.

Where will the session take place?

Newborn sessions can be done either in my home studio space, or in your home. My studio equipment is mobile, so it can be brought to you if you want studio shots while staying in the comfort of your own home. Your home doesn’t have to be perfectly clean either (new moms have enough to do already), I can find little pockets of light in spaces around you home and can shoot angles that focus on the baby and minimize the amount of background you see. Lifestyle sessions are almost always done in your home.

What should my baby wear?

It is best to keep clothing simple. If you want naked newborn shots, clothing that is loose and easy to remove is recommended. For lifestyle shots, neutral colors without logos and busy patterns work best, but are certainly not required. If you have a special outfit (e.g. christening dress, Christmas outfit) I would love to photograph that as well.

What about props?

I have a collection of handmade props such as hats, bonnets, headbands, and diaper covers. I also have some baskets and other props available to use. Feel free to bring a prop that is special to you and your family as well. Don’t worry too much about having a variety of outfits though, newborns are better photographed with a less-is-more approach.

Can my partner or other children be in the photos?

YES! I always encourage the parents and siblings to join in the photos. Even if you feel lousy after having just given birth, trust me, you won’t regret being in a photo with your baby. I do recommend that children only come in for the last part of the session, after the main photos of the newborn are done. I suggest wearing solid, soft colors or neutrals.

Do you offer birth announcements or holiday cards?

Yes! I do create cards and announcements for session clients. They are personalized designs created for you and your unique images.

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