Fall Newborn Girls | Camano Newborn Photographer

There is something wonderful about newborns. They are so cute and cuddly. They smell great. I love working them. This fall I had the pleasure of photographing several adorable baby girls. I did these as in-home sessions where I packed up my car and came to them, around Camano Island and as far as Snohomish. […]

Kids Were Here: January

This year, I have decided to work on lifestyle photography. Especially with my own family. Along these lines, I will be taking some photos every month of just evidence that kids live here. Not that it’s hard to find evidence with 4 kids around.This month, with Christmas just behind us, I found lots of new […]

Sea World Orlando

Thanks to the military, we had the chance to go to Orlando Florida for a long weekend. We decided to take the kids to Sea World. They love animals, especially sharks, so it was perfect that we get 4 free tickets for being military. They had just started their Christmas celebration stuff, so we saw […]

Mount Baker in the Fog

On the last official day of summer we took a trip up to Mount Baker. Earlier in the day it was sunny, but by the time we got up to the end of the road (artists point) it was foggy, cloudy and rainy. So, we didn’t get any sweeping views of the mountain tops, or […]


We had a great lightning storm a couple weeks ago. I was tempted to go a few blocks away to the beach to get better photos, but it was after 10pm. So, I had to be satisfied with photos from my front porch. Still a pretty cool show.