Baby J | Snohomish Newborn Photography

I love photographing babies. Actually, I love babies in general. This little guy is no exception. He is such a cutie. He didn’t like being moved around too much though, he liked just snuggling in one comfy spot. Not that I can blame him, I like doing that too when I’m sleeping. Hopefully he sleeps […]

Best Friends Photoshoot

It’s always sad when best friends have to move away. These two have been friends since they were 3. They’ve been together through preschool, elementary school, middle school, dance class, church…you name it. They love to hang out and have fun together, so we all went to the beach (and built a driftwood fort), to […]

Family Photo 2014

In the fall my 3 oldest kids and I have birthdays. So, we use this time of year to get in a family photo. Sometimes they go for it, other times they are less than enthusiastic. Well, I guess that’s the way it goes with kids. At least they are all looking at the camera […]

My Model

    My oldest child loves to model for me. So far she hasn’t balked at being my go-to-gal when I feel like taking pictures. On a warm summer day, with lightly overcast skies, I took her out to a local park and got some fun pictures. Now my other daughter wants in on the […]