Mrs. W Maternity

I got the chance to photograph a friend of mine who is due next month with her 2nd child. It was the first time I really shot just 1 person who wasn’t my kid. It was lots of fun to chat with her and take some photos. Next time I think I’ll bring a cheat […]

Maternity Self-portraits

My husband deployed when I was 19 weeks pregnant. So, I decided to take a weekly photo of my belly to show him how I’d grown. I have learned a thing or two about doing self-portraits, especially while pregnant. I learned how to use my broom to focus (I hold it out to about where […]

Top 10 of 2010

Here are my favorite 10 photos of 2010. I had a really hard time deciding what to include. They may not all be technically perfect, but I love them. Our wedding rings and my husbands dog tags. Proof that my kids CAN play nicely together Panoramic (stitched) photos of Crater Lake, Oregon My girls, in […]