Kids Were Here- June

These toys kind of sum up where each of my kids are in their lives. The owl belongs to my oldest, who loves Harry Potter (and all books really). The puppy is a webkinz, and is my older son’s, he loves playing computer games. The pink Little People carriage is my younger daughter’s, she is […]

Kids Were Here: May

My kids sometimes always leave toys around the house. And they enjoy playing on the piano (though not always playing actual songs). Now, apparently, my daughter has a very musical cat. Continue around the blog circle to Erin at The Lumpy Place see more evidence of kids being around.

Kids Were Here – April

Now that the weather is getting warmer and (a little) sunnier, my kids are playing outside more. And that means more toys left outside. Also, my garden peacock seems to have migrated to the backyard recently. Continue around the blog circle to Erin at The Lumpy Place to see more evidence of kids.

March Kids Were Here

I love that my kids love to read. Really I do. I’m glad that I’ve never had to force my kids to do their school required nightly reading. And I love that they even read to each other. It’s awesome that we can share this love of reading as a family. I do not, however, […]

February Kids Were Here

Here is my photo for this months ‘kids where here’ blog circle. My poor living room couch. It has been broken (and fixed), stained, jumped on, slept on, and now the kids use it as an after-school dumping ground. Some day we might actually be able to sit on it again (but today is not […]