3 Easy Ways to Look Better in Your Holiday Photos

Look good in Holiday Photos

As a busy mom, I know it can be asking a lot to not only get your family ready to take a holiday portrait, but to get yourself ready as well. I also know that as woman, I tend to be pretty critical of photos of myself (which is why I am found much more often behind the camera than in front of it).

Erika Stadler, at Refinery29, has a great article on “How to Look Good in Every Photo”. With expert tips ranging from posture to clothing to makeup, she covers 20 topics for your everyday photos (selfie anyone?).

Over at WhoWhatWear, Kat Collings shares 12 Secrets to Looking Better in Photos with Model Cate Underwood. If anyone knows about looking good in photos, it would be Cate Underwood. She shares tips on getting a natural smile, and flattering positions as well as simple tweaks to help your arms or chin look better.

Here are my personal favorite easy ways to look better in your holiday photos:

  • Stick out your chin – Nobody wants a double (or triple) chin in their photos. Pulling your head, and chin, forward reduces or eliminates the appearance of more chins giving you a thinner looking face.
  • Angle your body – A picture taken from straight on will make anyone look larger than they are. Face sideways to the camera, put your weight on your back leg, bend your front leg, and just twist at your waist a bit toward the camera. You will instantly slim down your waistline (quickest way to drop 10 pounds ever!).
  • Have good lighting – Nobody looks their best in noonday sun (squinting and hooded eyes are not a good combo). Go for the yummy light that happens about an hour before sunset. It is a soft warm light that comes in at a flattering angle.

Bonus tip:

Hire a pro. Sorry, but sometimes you get what you pay for. That photographer that gives you all 200 unedited images for $50 probably isn’t taking the time to make sure you look your best. But a real professional will take their time, shoot from flattering angles, help you pose, and even fix stray hairs for you. When it comes to the photo that goes on your Christmas card, which all your family and friends will be looking at for the next year, go for quality and hire a professional photographer.

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