Adam and Rachel Ring Ceremony

This weekend I went to the wedding reception and ring ceremony of another family friend. I’ve known the groom and his family for many years. Adam and Rachel were married last weekend at the Seattle LDS Temple. This weekend they had a small ring ceremony and reception. It was a beautiful event at the Stanwood Fairgrounds. I didn’t even know they did weddings there. The decorations were adorable (very pinterest worthy), and there was both cake and pie to eat. They are so cute together, and obviously very much in love. Congratulations you two!

Wedding 1st Dance | Desiree Prakash Studio

Wedding Decor | Desiree Prakash Studio

Ring Ceremony | Desiree Prakash Studio

Just Married Collage | Desiree Prakash Studio

1st Dance | Desiree Prakash StudioWedding Dance Dip | Desiree Prakash StudioCake Cutting Collage | Desiree Prakash Studio

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