Project 52: Weeks 34-46

I got way behind in September and October with my project 52. Haven’t posted them in a while. So, here is a big catch-up post with the weeks I missed.

Week 34: Chaos

Week 35: Quote. “Fruit that would be ripe must know showers as well as sunshine”

Week 36: Lyrics. “To those who came before me…shall my heart be turned”. It’s a quilt my 2x Great grandmother handmade.

Week 37:  Photographer’s Choice

Week 38: Selfless Selfie

Week 39: Details in the overlooked

Week 40: Abstract

Week 41: Autumn

Week 42: Sunflare

Week 43:  Shooting on Auto (2 week challenge part 1)

Week 44: Making it your own  (2 week challenge part 2)

Week 45: Photographer’s choice

Week 46: Gratitude. I’m grateful for my kids, and even more so when they sleep in.

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