Big and Small

When it comes to photography, I love lots of different kinds of things. On the one hand I really love big wide angle landscapes. I enjoy making long panoramas and seeing vast vistas. On the other hand I also really love getting tight close-ups and even macro shots. Seeing the little details and really getting […]

Family Photo 2014

In the fall my 3 oldest kids and I have birthdays. So, we use this time of year to get in a family photo. Sometimes they go for it, other times they are less than enthusiastic. Well, I guess that’s the way it goes with kids. At least they are all looking at the camera […]

My Model

    My oldest child loves to model for me. So far she hasn’t balked at being my go-to-gal when I feel like taking pictures. On a warm summer day, with lightly overcast skies, I took her out to a local park and got some fun pictures. Now my other daughter wants in on the […]


  One of my best friends lives in an Eastern Washington area called the Palouse. I, having lived most of my life on the western side of the state, think of this area as very empty, lonely, and all around brown. Well, the brown part is actually true during the late summer. But the other […]

Beginning Anew

For several years I have had a blog for my photography hobby. I have decided to move things over to this new place for my photography and other crafts to call home. I have finally imported the old blog here, so my previous posts are now here in their new home. Enjoy!