February Kids Were Here

Here is my photo for this months ‘kids where here’ blog circle. My poor living room couch. It has been broken (and fixed), stained, jumped on, slept on, and now the kids use it as an after-school dumping ground. Some day we might actually be able to sit on it again (but today is not […]

Project 52: Week 7

This week is all about backlighting. It’s been pretty cloudy and rainy (and windy) where I live, so I didn’t get a chance to go outside and get the shot I had in mind. But, I did get this quick one of my youngest playing on the computer just like his bigger siblings (they do […]

Project 52: week 5

This weeks theme is candid photos. I take lots of these, but none are spectacular. One of my goals this year is to spend some time learning to do more lifestyle/candid type photography. But, this week I just have a a cute picture of my youngest (almost 3 years old!). He is finally really playing […]