Project 52: Week 2

I’ve joined the Clickin Moms project 52 group, so I’ll be doing themes, along with dozens of other photographers on the site. This weeks theme is “House on Fire”, or what you  grab if your house was on fire and you only had a few minutes to get something (assuming all the living things in your house were out safely).

Week 2: House on Fire

I’ve thought about this a lot since the challenge was posted. Every so often my husband and have talked about what we would save. There is a box in the garage that he wants, but isn’t as high a priority as things in the house. So, here is what I would grab.
1) The quilt off my bed, handmade (even the quilting stitches were hand done) by my maternal grandma for my wedding.
2) My husbands photos from his childhood. They were at his mom’s house in Fiji (a tin shack in a ghetto where he grew up), and the last time we visited we brought them back with us. I really should digitize them, but haven’t yet, so they need saving in a fire. All our family photos are saved online and I wouldn’t stress as much about them.
3) My paternal grandmothers earrings. She passed away before I was born, so this is all I have of her. They were a retirement gift from her co-workers, and given to me on my college graduation (being the first grandchild to graduate).
And 4) if she hadn’t already grabbed it herself, I’d get Mephistopheles (aka Puppy), my oldest child’s lovey. She is the only child that is actually attached to a lovey. She is 11 years old now and he still sleeps in her bed with her. His long name was one of the first 5 words she ever learned to say (we still haven’t told her what it really means though ). He’s been to 4 countries and about 10 states with us. She would be devastated if he were lost.
The only other thing I’d think about getting would be my laptop, but even that I could replace (contents and all), so I didn’t include it in the photo.

4 thoughts on “Project 52: Week 2

  1. Wow! It's really good to think about this stuff though! We had a bit of a false alarm in our building the other month and most of what we grabbed was all our gear! Yours is obviously a lot more thought through!

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