Me and My Kids- January

This year I am trying to remember to get into more photos with my kids. I used to be in more of the photos, but somewhere along the way I moved more behind the camera and less in front of it.This month I didn’t get a formal ‘nice’ photo with any of my kids. But, […]

Project 52: Week 4

My Town.My town isn’t actually a town at all. It’s an unincorporated island in the Puget Sound. I’ve lived here for just over 20 years (minus college). Even though there are 15,000 people on the island, it still feels like a small town. I doubt there are more than 3 degrees of separation between anyone […]

Project 52: Week 3

This week’s theme is “Your Favorite”. It took me a while to decide exactly which favorite thing to photograph. I like a lot of things. But, I decided to go simple and let you know two of my favorite things are orange juice and books. This particular book (Caddie Woodlawn) is a favorite of mine. […]

Kids Were Here: January

This year, I have decided to work on lifestyle photography. Especially with my own family. Along these lines, I will be taking some photos every month of just evidence that kids live here. Not that it’s hard to find evidence with 4 kids around.This month, with Christmas just behind us, I found lots of new […]

Project 52: Week 2

I’ve joined the Clickin Moms project 52 group, so I’ll be doing themes, along with dozens of other photographers on the site. This weeks theme is “House on Fire”, or what you  grab if your house was on fire and you only had a few minutes to get something (assuming all the living things in […]