Sea World Orlando

Thanks to the military, we had the chance to go to Orlando Florida for a long weekend. We decided to take the kids to Sea World. They love animals, especially sharks, so it was perfect that we get 4 free tickets for being military. They had just started their Christmas celebration stuff, so we saw Santa and lots of Christmas trees.
It also gave me a chance to photograph some animals, which I thoroughly enjoy doing. Here are just a few of the shots I got.

dolphin nursery

belgua whale

pretty coral


unicorn fish

shark eggs, with baby sharks inside

shark tank

gentoo penguin

rockhopper penguin

florida alligator

big catfish

petting the sting rays

smile for the camera

sea star on glass

flock of rays

dory! (and nemo in the background)

I think my kids had fun

Can’t wait to go back to Orlando in the spring and go to Disney and Universal!

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