Thankful for Reading Together

30 Days of Thankfulness (on Clickin Moms) Day 2:

My boys have always been loving and sweet (well, most of the time). They both love to sit in my lap and snuggle. And when I lay on my bed and read, they often find a book and join me. It only lasts a few minutes until they start playing and jumping on my bed, but for those minutes it is wonderful. I love to read, and am glad that my children seem to share that. Even though my 1 year old prefers trying to eat the books and my 6 year old is just starting to be able to read a whole book himself, I can tell that they will develop a love of the written word as much as I have. My girls love books too, but prefer to read alone most of the time. So I cherish these moments of reading together with my little ones.
My older son is reading a dinosaur ABC book. He loves dinosaurs. My younger son is reading a lift-the-flap book. He loves peekaboo, even in book form. And I am reading Anne’s House of Dreams (#5 in the Anne of Green Gables series). I have loved the Anne books for many years, and being here with my family has made my first home a real ‘house of dreams’ for me.

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