Project 12 -January

This year I am participating in a Project 12. 1 photo a month. This months theme is My Favorite Things.
I have spent many years studying and performing, and listening, to music. This particular photo includes my piano, which isn’t the best there is but I love it anyway, my flute that I’ve had since I was 9 (named Penalope if you are wondering), my oldest child’s piano lesson books, one of my favorite piano books (Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition…opened to The Great Gate of Kiev which is my favorite song of the bunch), and some church music, since these days that is most of what I play.
I started piano lessons in 2nd grade, flute in 5th. I started my college career as a flute major, but ended up with just a minor in music. I play the piano for my church choir and the children’s sunday school every week, and sometimes I play the organ for the congregational hymns. I recently did a solo flute recital for Christmas (just me and my accompanist for 45 minutes). I get the chance to volunteer at my kids’ elementary school each year with their performances through Missoula Children’s Theater. I love music very much and enjoy playing for others.
Music is definitely one of my favorite things.

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