Project 52

Last year I participated in a “52 Photo’s in 2011” project. You can see my Flickr set HERE.
Some highlights-
Trying out macro filters

Giving Reverse Lens Macro a try

Silhouette of the kids at the zoo

Getting a new family room

So, I’ve decided to keep going with this, and post my favorite photo of the week on this blog. If nothing else, at least it should get me to post more regularly. I am also participating in a 12 photos in 2012 project (one photo a month). This photo I intend to be more thought out and planned, not just a photo that happens to represent what we’ve done that month. It will be more of an artistic creation rather than a scrapbooking-type shot. If you’d like to join me, here is the link to the ringleader of this project, and the first month’s theme.

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