Mrs. W Maternity

I got the chance to photograph a friend of mine who is due next month with her 2nd child. It was the first time I really shot just 1 person who wasn’t my kid. It was lots of fun to chat with her and take some photos. Next time I think I’ll bring a cheat […]

Alphabet Photobook

It’s no secret we’ve been having a lot of snow. So, the kids and I have been stuck at home all week. One of our boredom busting activities yesterday was to make an alphabet book. I had them go around and collect toys for each letter of the alphabet, and I photographed them on a […]

Big D Family

On New Year’s Eve I got a chance to photograph the family of some good friends. I grew up with them and they are so much fun. This year mom and dad had all the kids and grandkids home for Christmas, and they didn’t want to let the opportunity to get a family photo pass […]

Project 12 -January

This year I am participating in a Project 12. 1 photo a month. This months theme is My Favorite Things.I have spent many years studying and performing, and listening, to music. This particular photo includes my piano, which isn’t the best there is but I love it anyway, my flute that I’ve had since I […]

1st Photos of 2012

Well, I didn’t actually take any photos on New Years Day, so you’ll have to settle for January 2nd. The year started off cloudy for us, which isn’t unusual since we live in the Pacific Northwest. On the 2nd we were heading out of the house and my older son pointed out this lovely little […]