3 Year Photo-versary

My 3rd anniversary of getting a DSLR
I got my first DSLR (a Canon Rebel XSi) for Christmas 2008, just after my 3rd child was born. In January 2009 I started this blog to show my pictures, track my progress, keep track of things I’ve learned and share it with others. Now, it’s been 3 years since that Christmas, and I have upgraded my camera to a Canon 60D. And to see how far I’ve come in these past 3 years, here is the highlights reel.

Jan 2009 – my first DSLR photos, as posted in my first blog post. Let’s just say there is definite room for improvement.

Feb 2009- Got the book Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson. Starting to get a feel for how to change all the settings. Took my oldest out for a photoshoot

Apr 2009- Started learning about composition and white balance

Also learning more in photoshop.
Before (sooc):

After I cropped it, cloned out the heater vent, adjusted curves to lighten it, and adjusted the color balance:

May 2009- Took a trip and lots of photos. This is still one of my favorites. My parents have a 20×30 of this in their house
Mt. St. Helen's B&W

June 2009- Learning about using natural light

Aug 2009- Tried out backlighting on purpose

Oct 2009- More portraits, still having color issues

Around this time I found various free webinars and started learning more specific things, like fall foliage photos.

Dec 2009- Learned about Christmas light bokeh.
J christmas

I got a flash for Christmas this year, an tried it out at a friend’s wedding open house. Knew the bouncing was better than direct, still didn’t know how to bounce the flash well.
Rach 15

Jan 2010- Got Neil van Niekerk’s book about on-camera flash techniques and started practicing.
Feb 2010- participated in a self-portrait a day project on a digital scrapbooking website. Learned lots of ways to get into a photo.
Feb 3, 2010

Mar 2010- went to a studio lighting workshop and learned lots
Studio lighting 1

Apr 2010- Took a trip to Oregon, got lots of nice landscapes. This photo is a panoramic from 7 photos stitched together.
Crater Lake -April 2010

I also got a chance to take some quick photos for a friend who had a baby. It wasn’t an actual session (our other kids were on a play date right in the room with us) but it was fun to shoot a newborn.

Summer 2010- Found I really like landscapes, and not backlighting

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River 2
MiG-17 and MiG-15 Soviet planes

Got a blue ribbon at the local fair for this photo
Indian Girl (edited)

Oct 2010- My oldest got baptized into our church. It was fun taking portraits of her in the dress I made. White is a tough color to shoot.

My husband deployed for the second time this month, with 2 days notice. And I was getting more and more pregnant
21 weeks

Dec 2010-

More practice bouncing the flash

Feb 2011- Maternity Self Portraits

Mar 2011- Got a newborn to shoot! I love new little babies (probably why I have 4 kids)

April 2011- More landscapes, and Easter

May 2011- I enjoy shooting my daughters ballet recitals, no needing to tell people how to pose!
Mad Hatter

Summer 2011-
Devil's Churn Oregon
San Diego LDS Temple

Oct 2011- Got to meet up with a couple wonderful ladies from a photography board
Suzzallo Library

Dec 2011- Went to the wedding of a cousin, was very happy to not be a wedding photographer

And Christmas!


I got my new 60D!
First Christmas

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