Inexpensive Gifts for Photographers

With Halloween over there is less than 50 days until Christmas. So, to help you photographers (or enablers) out there, here is a list of inexpensive photography related things you could put on your Christmas list or give as a gift. Most of these can be bought for $25 or less.

Reflector – preferably collapsible, and/or one that can be used one-handed

Flash diffuser – like a Light Sphere or Omni Bounce, or any other dome diffuser you prefer.

Light scoop – Speaking of diffusing your flash, this is a neat product to bounce your pop-up flash.

Filters – polarizing, neutral density (graduated or regular), macro, colors (for fun effects)…

Cable release – For when you don’t want to shake the camera, or you want to take a step away from it but hate the timer

Wireless remote – So you can get into the photo too (without running because you used the timer)

Gray card – For getting a ‘perfect’ exposure

White Card/digital gray card – For white balance

Lens pen – To clean your equipment

Bulb blower – To blow dust and dirt off the lens and camera without scratching the surface

Microfiber cloths – For getting smudges off the lens and lcd screen

Beanbag – To steady the camera on a surface when you don’t have a tripod handy

Lens cap – Get one that is quick and easy to remove, so you’ll be more likely to use it

Compact hand towel – Like the kind used in backpacking. It’s great for drying things (duh!)

Flickr pro account – You know you want to have more storage space and sets for your photos online

Hot shoe level – A bubble level that attaches to your hot shoe mount, gives you a straight horizon when using a tripod.

Camera strap or strap cover – The ones that come with your camera are functional, but not comfortable or cute. Get something cushy and/or pretty.

Lens hood – Protects against flare and misc. scratches

HDMI cable – So you can hook your camera straight up to your TV for viewing photos

USB card reader – So you don’t have to plug in the camera to the computer to transfer or view photos

Rain cover – For shooting in rain (Yes, a ziplock bag works, but there are cheap plastic covers that actually fit the shape of your camera so why not get that)

Clamps – Great for holding backdrops, pulling back clothes, and all kinds of things

Spare battery – You know you need one

Memory cards – Do I need to explain why?

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