Newborn Photography Tips

Because I do photography as a hobby, I of course decided to do my own newborn photography when I had a baby in March. On the one hand, I had lots of time I could try, because I was doing it myself at home. On the other hand, doing it yourself is hard. Even harder than doing photos for someone else I think. When you are the mom and photographer you don’t have an extra set of helping hands, the baby wants to nurse when you get near, and, in my case, other kids are harder to keep away from you working.
Anyway, I learned a lot doing his photos, and I had done quite a bit of research beforehand to help me. Here are links to some great tips, tricks and poses for newborn photography. Hopefully you will learn something like I did.

Newborn Photography Tips
Baby posing in a bucket tips
Preparing for a newborn session
Newborn Photography Tips
Light and newborn photography
Styles of newborns
The newborn session
What to wear for newborns and infants
Portrait tips for parents
Photographing Babies
For Beginners
DIY Newborn Photography tips
Basic Tips

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