Free Newborn Knit and Crochet Photo Prop Patterns

Here is a small list of some free knit and crochet patterns for newborns. I enjoy crafting, and babies, so I thought I’d share some good patterns. I did not make the patterns, and have only made a few items from some of these patterns. I tried to get links directly to the designer’s blogs for you. These should all be pretty basic patterns for beginning crocheters and knitters. Keep in mind that some of these items (such as the stork pouch) are for photography props only. Make and use at your own risk.


Nests and cocoons

1. Newborn nest by Nanner
2. Baby Cocoon Pod by Christina Budd
3. Baby Cocoon by CarmenBee
4. ‘Snuggle’ by Valerie Whitten
5. Softee Newborn Cocoon by Carmen Statham
6. Newborn Cocoon by Manner

Stork Pouch by Alli


1. Basic infant hat (sized from small preemie to large newborn) by April at The Left Side of Crochet
2. Newborn Roundie Hat by Bev’s Country Cottage
3. Earflap hat by Nikki at
4. Pointed Pixie Cap by Serenity
5. Snuggle Stocking cap by Valerie Whitten
6. Sock monkey baby hat by Deborah Bagley
7. Crochet Pompom Hat by Emilda Herrington
8. Crochet Baby (two) Pom Pom hat by Nikki at

Appliques (for adding to hats and headbands):

1. Super Simple Crichet Bows by Adaiha at Things To Make and Do (2.5 inch)
2. Pin Up Girl Bow by Jeweled Elegance (3 inch)
3. Pretty Pretty Bow by Erin at Crochet Spot (4 inch)
4. Tiny Crochet Flower by Lauren at Daisy Cottage Designs
5. Stacked Flower by Dot Matthews
6. Button Flower by Feather Wing

Diaper Covers:

1. Ruffled Diaper Cover by Kelly Carpo
2. Crochet Wrap by Amy at Tangled Skeins
3. Zoe Soaker by Julie West
4. Wolly Britches at
5. Crochet Diaper Cover by White Horse Designs
6. Suzie’s Diaper Cover by Suzetta Williams


1. Basic
2. Rolled brim
3. Earflap
4. Pixie
5. Stocking
6. 1 Pompom
7. 2 Pom Pom


1. Cocoon
2. Another Cocoon
3. Baby Bowl

Diaper Covers:

1. Basic
2. Tied
3. Chunky with button
4. 2 Buttons

5 thoughts on “Free Newborn Knit and Crochet Photo Prop Patterns

  1. Desiree- Thank you so much for this AMAZING list of resources. I'm also a Western WA mom and really look forward to making some of these pretty things for my photog friends. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the resources! Do you know if it possible to make a cocoon with knitting in the style of the crochet cocoons you have listed? I am coming up short!!!

  3. Hi Desiree, i would LOVE to get these patterns especially 1 Newborn nest by Nanner, 8 Crochet Baby (two) Pom pom hat by Nikki, 5 Stocking (Munckin hat). The links would just not work for me… Could you PLEASE help! Thank you

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