8 year old baptism photos

My oldest child is soon turning 8 and will be baptized in our church. For the ocassion I made her a white dress. Here are some of the many (many) photos I took of her in the dress. I will be making a photo guest book for the event as well. I will try to remember to post the pages and/or the templates later.


Before I went out I looked up some tips (mostly from wedding photographers) about shooting someone in white clothes. Here is what I have come up with:
-Meter for the highlights, so you don’t over expose them or wash out the subjects face. Spot metering is great for this.
-Reduce the contrast range. i.e. Move into the shade so there isn’t a big difference between the highlights and the shadows.
-If you overexposed the highlights (but they aren’t completely blown) you can recover them a little in photoshop.
-Watch the color balance in editing. White tends to shift colors a little (you know you’ve seen blue ‘whites’ in shady pictures)
-Try using a polarizer if you have to shoot in the sun.

I did my best and I think I learned a lot (but still not ready to shoot a bride). I also learned that I am still really bad at posing. Something to work on in the future.

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